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Thermoplastics / Fluoropolymer Injection Moulded Products

Injection molding stands out as a flexible manufacturing technique for generating plastic components on a large scale. The procedure entails injecting melted plastic into a mold cavity, where it undergoes cooling and solidification to adopt the desired form. This economical approach finds extensive application in crafting detailed and consistent plastic parts across diverse sectors, including automotive and consumer goods. Renowned for its efficiency, precision, and scalability, this method is the preferred option for the mass production of plastic items.

Our strong design capabilities & urge to service the exponentially growing industrial requirements of engineering plastic products EPP composites today added injection moulding manufacturing lines for products namely Mould, Pall Rings, Polycarbonate Enclosures, PP Manhole Covers with Frame, Plastics Switch Gear, Trefoil Clamp, Rigid Type Terminals, Screw on Wire Connectors, Cable Glands, Automotive Thermoplastic Components, Polycarbonate Cover, Currently, 160 Ton & 450 Ton lines are in operation.

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