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Compression molding

Compression molding is widely used for making composites from prepregs such as sheet molding compounds, bulk molding compounds, or glass mat reinforced thermoplastics.

The process uses matching male and female mold halves. A pre-weighed charge cut to the size is placed inside the mold, which is then closed, and suitable pressure and temperature are applied using a hot press.

The applied temperature and pressure force the material to fill the mold cavity and facilitate polymerization (or cross-linking) and consolidation of composite material.

In the pultrusion die, a pulling together of the fibers or layers of the fabric at speed 1 m/min approx. by reciprocating or cater puler pulling mechanism

Discharging a continuous length of cured fiber-resin composite from die.

Finally a diamond tipped flying cut-off saw cuts the finished profile into the required length, which are then handled by a take -off system


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