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Pultrusion Process

The pultrusion process involves the reinforcement fibre materials or 'pack' or fibre architecture in the form of continuous strands (rovings) or plys (mats,fabrics and veils) are held on creel racks and fed continuously through guiding system prior to being impregnated with desired liquid matrix resin.

Wetting out the collated reinforcement pack with a suitable impregnating resin in wet-out tanks, forming the assembly of resin impregnated reinforcement pack by passing through shaping preform plates and then passing the resulting formed resin impregnated fabric assembly through a pultrusion die.

The die is heated to a predetermined temperature along the length of the die to effect curing of the resin during passage through the die.

In the pultrusion die, a pulling together of the fibers or layers of the fabric at speed 1 m/min approx. by reciprocating or cater puler pulling mechanism

Discharging a continuous length of cured fiber-resin composite from die.

Finally a diamond tipped flying cut-off saw cuts the finished profile into the required length, which are then handled by a take -off system


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