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Solar Solutions


EPP SOLAR is a national solar power system design & installation company (EPC) that specializes in solar powered energy solutions into OffGrid & On Grid systems, energy efficient home improvements and commercial lighting.

Our professional network of experienced solar installers, engineers and contractors allows us to combine affordable solar power solutions with the highest standards of customer service excellence, setting new standards in the solar industry.

EPP SOLAR provides solar solutions across vide consumer segments i.e. Homes, Educational Institutes, SMEs, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Units and Utility-Scale Developers.

The company offers project development services as well as products and solutions powered by solar energy. The major part of the energy we use when we perform our daily activities comes from sources that has a carbon footprint. EPP SOLAR can help you reduce your carbon footprint and achieve a sustainable lifestyle. From our products and services offered, we aim to create cleaner, more sustainable communities across India.

EPP offering starts from small home rooftop solar kits and goes upto large utility scale projects. Serving households as well as industries, rural as well as urban customers.

Rooftop Projects

  • Can convert spare roof of Commercial and Industrial consumers into power generating roofs.
  • Has expertise and experience to install solar panels on different types of roofs i.e. RCC, metal roofs etc.
  • Can offer non penetrative technology where roof penetration is not allowed.
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Ground Projects

Have executed:

  • Utility scale projects.
  • Captive projects for industrial consumers.

Experience in different technologies:

  • MMS with or without trackers, fixed or seasonal tilt.
  • Central or String inverters
  • Mono, Polycrystalline or Thin Film Modules
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