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When pipes are installed in offshore environments, they get corroded and maintenance costs for these popes also goes higher. The best solution to consider here is FRP composites or GRP pipes. They are highly corrosion resistant and especially designed to suit adverse environmental conditions. They are non – toxic in nature and does not affect quality of liquid when comes in contact.

FRP pipes suit adverse soil or weather conditions too. They have the capabilities to work under high temperatures and pressure when installed in adverse conditions. The most common applications of FRP pipes include water supplies, irrigation system, gas or chemical industries etc. They are taken as best product solution for petrochemical industries.

Here, we will discuss on some of the major applications of Fiberglass pipes as discussed by FRP pipes exporters or manufacturers and how it can be beneficial for different industries.

  • They can be used by water supply industries or portable water systems.
  • They are used by sewage industry due to corrosion resistant properties.
  • They are also used by chemical and fertilizer plants to regulate flow of liquid.
  • They are taken as best choice for offshore production of oil.

According to FRP pipe manufacturers and exporters in India, the maintenance cost of Fiberglass pipes is less and they have longer service less. They are also light in weight and can be fixed almost anywhere.

FRP pipes have excellent thermal insulation properties and there is no need to provide extra coating layer to give more protection. This feature saves product cost ultimately. TO know more on fiberglass composite and to get custom solutions for same, contact leading FRP pipe manufacturers and exporters right away.

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