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FRP Cooling Towers

FRP Cooling Towers

Salient Features

  • Good Corrosion and Weather Resistance
  • High Physical and Mechanical Strength
  • High Strength to weight ratio
  • Highly Durable
  • Lower thermal conductivity
  • Good adaptability & dimensional stability
  • UV resistant, Aesthetically appealing, Flexibility in design, Light in Weight and hence easy to handle and install
  • Ease of Maintenance with Zero Downtime
  • Economical & cost effective

Technical Specification

Our FRP Cooling Towers having a wide range of applications and sizes.

Design Standards

  • As per CTI (Cooling Technology Institute)


Up to 1500000 Liter/Hour

Material of Construction

  • FRP Moulded using Polyester Grade Resin with Fiberglass
  • PVC Fills

Quality Specifications

Qualification as per CTI (Cooling Technology Institute)

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